How To Apply

Each year WAPA, the Washington State Dept. of Transportation (WSDOT), the American Public Works Association (APWA-WA) and the Washington State Association of County Engineers (WSACE) present awards at the Annual WAPA Awards Banquet to those hot mix asphalt paving projects judged to be the most outstanding in the State. The awards are presented at WAPA’s Annual Meeting in November of each year.

These awards are generally nominated by the WAPA members and/or WSDOT, APWA-WA and WSACE, but project owners and project consultants/ management firms are also encouraged to apply, in cooperation with the project’s paving contractor.

The WSDOT/ WAPA Paving Awards use different nomination form/ rating system. Download the WSDOT Paving Award Submittal Form Fill v.2020 for a WSDOT project. These nominations originate through the Project Engineering Offices (PEO) and need to be submitted by the WSDOT PE in charge of the project.

To apply for non-WSDOT paving projects, download the WAPA Award Nomination Forms  and follow the instructions included on the form.  Project pictures showing the paving are also welcome to accompany the nomination form.

The award winning projects for 2019 (paved in 2018) are listed here: 2019 WAPA Paving Awards – Web Listing

The award winning projects for 2018 (paved in 2017) are listed here: 2018 WAPA Paving Award Listing – All Projects

The award winning project for 2017 (paved in 2016) are listed here: 2017 WAPA Paving Award Listing – All Projects