Diamond Awards

The Diamond Commendations encourage and recognize excellence. Continuous improvement in all aspects of operations is the goal. Taken together, the three commendations below provide a blueprint for excellence in all aspects of the industry’s operations, both at the plant and on the paving site.

  • Diamond Paving. Recognizes companies whose paving crews demonstrate best practices that result in excellent product quality and ensure safety through proper training and compliance for supervisors and crew members, and demonstrated use of best practices in paving.
  • Diamond Achievement. Recognizes asphalt plants and facilities that operate as good neighbors by maintaining a good appearance, meeting or exceeding all regulatory compliance, safety, and permitting requirements, operate using the latest environmental practices and safety procedures and maintain community relations.
  • Diamond Quality. Recognizes companies that produce top quality material through proper practices in quality management, RAP and aggregate handling, asphalt storage, drying and mixing, air quality, truck scales, silos and control rooms.

All member companies are encouraged to participate in the Diamond Commendations. Eligibility is between May 1 to November 15.

Congratulations to the Diamond Award Recipients