WSDOT Wins APA “By Design” & “By Conversion” Perpetual Pavement Awards Again!

The Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA – has announced its newest awards (2021) for Perpetual Pavements.  New pavements that are designed for a 50-year life and that meet PerRoad design criteria are eligible for the APA Perpetual Pavement By Design award.  Pavement that rebuild and add a new asphalt structure over an existing road, and which meet the 50-year/ PerRoad criteria are eligible for the Perpetual Pavement by Conversion award.  WSDOT won both of these awards in the first year of the program and has now followed up with three additional awards this year. Congratulations!

The list of the Washington state 2021 APA Awards are here: 2021 PPA WA Press Release FINAL. Learn more about Perpetual Pavement Awards at

There is also a great article about 2020’s Perpetual Pavement by Conversion award winning project published by Roads & Bridges magazine.  View the article here.

All three of 2020’s Perpetual Pavement award winning projects were featured in the September/ October 2021 edition of Asphalt Pavement magazine.  View the article here.