WSDOT Wins Inaugural APA “By Design” & “By Conversion” Perpetual Pavement Awards!

The Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA – has announced its newest awards for Perpetual Pavements.  New pavements that are designed for a 50-year life and that meet PerRoad design criteria are eligible for the APA Perpetual Pavement By Design award.  Pavement that rebuild and add a new asphalt structure over an existing road, and which meet the 50-year/ PerRoad criteria are eligible for the Perpetual Pavement by Conversion.  WSDOT has won both of these awards in the first year of the program – Congratulations!

Learn about the WSDOT awards at

There is also a great article about the Perpetual Pavement by Conversion award winning project published by Roads & Bridges magazine.  View the article here.

All three Perpetual Pavement award winning projects were featured in the September/ October 2021 edition of Asphalt Pavement magazine.  View the article here.