WSDOT Names New State Pavement Engineer

October 13, 2023 – Chris Christopher, the Director of the WSDOT Construction Division announced today that Mohamad Nimeri, P.E., Ph.D will join WSDOT as its State Pavement Engineer on November 1st.  Chris’ announcement is shown below:

Subject: WSDOT State Pavement Engineer

After a competitive recruitment process, I’m pleased to announce that Mohamed Nimeri has accepted the position of State Pavement Engineer for WSDOT.  Mohamed currently serves as Airport Managing Engineer at King County International Airport/ Boeing Field (KCIA) and has an extensive background in pavement engineering, 19 years of civil engineering experience, a proven track record of leadership and a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno (with an emphasis in Pavement, Materials, and Geotechnical Engineering).

Mohamed loves spending time with his family, his wife Karima and 4 lovely children, Lina, Shahd, Ali, and Omar. He is a huge fan of soccer (called football in some places) and he likes playing it in all forms, whether that be 11-a-side, 5-a-side, video games (FIFA), foosball, and any virtual form. Mohamed also likes listening to Audiobooks and Podcasts (Gladwell and Freakonomics fan), hiking, basketball, and volleyball. He enjoys meeting new people and learning about new cultures.

We are looking forward to Mohamed joining the team starting Nov 1, 2023.  I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation to both Karen Strauss and Karen Carlie for all the great work they did in leading the State Pavement Office over the last year.  Please join me in thanking them for their outstanding efforts, and welcoming Mohamed into this new role.

WAPA welcomes Mohamed in his new role, and we look forward to working together as we face the challenges of moving our highway system into a state of good repair, which benefits the safety and mobility of our citizens and the efficiency of our economy.