Member Benefits

As a member of the Washington Asphalt Pavement Association (WAPA), you will have access to the latest technologies, resources and innovations for the industry.  In addition to networking sessions where you can interact with your counterparts at local and state agencies, WAPA plays an active role in lobbying efforts on the industry’s behalf in Olympia.  Regular members of WAPA are also granted membership in the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) at no additional cost, giving them access to national technical and advocacy resources.

WAPA serves as the focused “voice of the industry” in Washington state.  Through active engagement with member companies, state & local agencies, the legislature, related trade associations and a wide variety of private entities, WAPA supports and promotes high quality standards and constantly works to help deliver best value of pavements all across the state.

Our Commitment

WAPA is dedicated to provide the following professional services & standards for its members:

    • Promote better relations between its members and public bodies; promote high professional standards in the asphalt paving industry; combat unfair trade practices; encourage efficiency among contractor associations; and encourage sound business methods that serve to continually enhance the high standards of asphalt paving contractors across the industry.
    • Conduct only those activities which are for the common good and benefit alike for all members and for the industry overall.
    • Manage its operations to continually foster high ethical and professional standards and to strictly adhere to the laws of the state and nation, with the goal of promoting fair and non-discriminatory trade practices.
    • Cooperate and coordinate with other industry groups when similar goals and priorities arise.  Example organizations include: the National Asphalt Pavement Association, the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, the Associated General Contractors, the Asphalt Institute, the Transportation Construction Coalition, the National Center for Asphalt Technology and many other similarly focused/ progressive industry groups and entities.
    • Furnish well-informed advise and counsel on all phases of high quality asphalt paving construction activities.
    • Monitor, evaluate and disseminate to members and other key industry contacts current information on new or improved methods/ best practices for asphalt pavement construction and hot mix asphalt production techniques.
    • Continually aid and assist local agencies, port authorities et. al., in addition to the state and federal governments, in advocating for worthwhile public works programs and responsible infrastructure preservation funding.  The goal is to support a strong economy, promote efficient commerce and insure safe travel on our highway and road network via responsible investment, to the benefit of all.
    • Aid and assist architectural, engineering and development firms, and private property owners, in properly designing and specifying asphalt pavements for its wide variety of applications.

An Overview of current and past activities of WAPA

  • Conducts two annual conferences featuring key industry speakers/ timely topics, including our Annual Statewide Paving Awards Banquet and our Mid-Year Golf & Networking event.
  • Advocates at the State Legislature, both individually and through involvement with business & industry coalitions (AWB, WHUF, WCIC, WSGRTA, Keep Washington Rolling et. al.) to advocate for adequate transportation funding, at all levels of public works, and participates regularly in the Transportation Construction Coalition’s Fly-In in Washington, DC.
  • Conducts two full membership dinners annually for Regular (producer) and Associate members.
  • Partners with WSDOT to plan and present the annual Asphalt Joint Training sessions (inaugurated in 1988) which are open to all interested parties (WSDOT , WAPA , local public work agencies and private consulting firms).
  • Continuously partners with WSDOT in specification updates and innovations through the standing Improving HMA committee (continuously active since 2002).
  • Works diligently with WSDOT and a wide variety of industry stakeholders (e.g. Labor organizations, the AGC of WA etc.) to enhance safety practices within and adjacent to active road construction sites via the WAPA/WSDOT Paving Work Zone Risk Reduction Committee (original meeting held in August 2015).
  • Continuously partners with the APWA of Washington in its Local Agency pavement materials specification committee.
  • Cooperates with the National Asphalt Pavement Association, Asphalt Pavement Alliance, National Center for Asphalt Technology, Asphalt Institute, state Universities and others in research and educational activities to develop even better products, new paving techniques, specialized products and to advance practices/ procedures to pursue even higher quality workmanship.
  • Coordinates annual scholarship programs (NAPA REF, WAPA Graduate Students et. al.) across the state.  Through targeted endowments (since 1995) and through direct investment, WAPA has funded & distributed 715 scholarships totaling $986,000 to civil engineering students at the University of Washington and Washington State University.  Targeted scholarships (count included above) have also been awarded to civil engineering students at the University of Idaho and St. Martin’s University.
  • Maintains liaison with government agencies affecting the asphalt paving industry.
  • Conducts seminars on asphalt product, construction, safety and environmental practices and regulations by request or on an “as needed” basis.
  • Provides information about asphalt pavements to local agencies, architects, engineers, developers and others.
  • Serves as a forum for collection and distribution of information about industry developments, trends, etc., that are helpful in long range planning.