Member Benefits

As a member of the Washington Asphalt Pavement Association (WAPA), you will have access to the latest technologies, resources and innovations for the industry.  In addition to networking sessions where you can interact with your counterparts at local and state agencies, WAPA plays an active role in lobbying efforts on the industry’s behalf in Olympia.  Regular members of WAPA are also granted membership in the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) at no additional cost, giving them access to national technical and advocacy resources.

Our Commitment

WAPA is committed to do the following for its members:

    • Promote better relations between its members and public bodies; to promote high professional standards in the asphalt paving industry; to combat unfair trade practices; to encourage efficiency among contractor associations; and to encourage sound business methods tending to raise the standard of asphalt paving contractors generally in the business world.
    • Conduct only those activities which are for the common good and benefit alike for all members.
    • Conduct its operations to conform to the strictest interpretation of commercial morality and to all of the laws of the state and nation in avoidance of any unfair discriminatory trade practices.
    • Cooperate with the Associated General Contractors, the Asphalt Institute and like organizations.
    • Furnish the members expert counsel and advise them on all phases of asphalt paving construction activities.
    • Monitor, evaluate and disseminate to members and others, current information on new and improved methods in asphalt paving construction and production techniques.
    • Aid and assist all townships, villages, counties, cities, and the state and federal government in promoting worthwhile public works programs.
    • Aid and assist architectural and engineering firms as well as private owners in the proper use of asphalt pavement applications.