Summer Equals Road Trips!

Summer Equals Road Trips!

Summer is time for road trips and enjoying the great outdoors. Wherever your travels take you, you know smooth asphalt roads provide comfort, drivability and performance. #WhereWeBelong

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WSDOT Earns 2nd Consecutive Perpetual Pavement Award for SR 16

WSDOT Earns 2nd Consecutive Perpetual Pavement Award for SR 16


Asphalt Pavement Alliance Announces Winners of 2017 Perpetual Pavement Award 

Eight departments of transportation were named winners of the 2017 Perpetual Pavement Award by Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA). The award celebrates long-life asphalt pavements that reflect the characteristics of a Perpetual Pavement design.

The award is presented to state transportation departments and local agency road owners for well-performing asphalt pavements that are at least 35 years old with proven high-quality structural design. To earn the award, the pavement must have not suffered a structural failure, and it should have an average interval between resurfacings of no less than 13 years. The pavement must demonstrate the characteristics expected from a long-life, Perpetual Pavement design: excellence in design, quality in construction, and value for the taxpayers.

The 2017 winners are:

  • Alabama Department of Transportation, North Region for a 4-mile section of four-lane divided highway on U.S. Highway 72/State Route 2 in Jackson County, from County Road 11 to SR 79. This is the ninth Perpetual Pavement Award for ALDOT.
  • Arkansas Department of Transportation for a 2-mile stretch of two-lane Arkansas Highway 24/Section 6 in Ouachita County. This is the eighth Perpetual Pavement Award for ARDOT.
  • Florida Department of Transportation for a 4.265-mile section of rural two-lane arterial roadway on Florida State Road 50 in Sumter County. This is the eighth Perpetual Pavement Award for FDOT.
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation for a 4.75 section of two-lane road on Minnesota State Highway 89 in Beltrami County. Sixteen MnDOT pavements have earned a Perpetual Pavement Award, more than any other state.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 3-0 for a 4.5 section of two-lane road on State Route 3010 in Columbia County. PennDOT has earned seven Perpetual Pavement Awards.
  • South Carolina Department of Transportation for a 9-mile section of four-lane divided highway on Interstate 95 in Jasper County. SCDOT has earned seven Perpetual Pavement Awards.
  • Tennessee Department of Transportation for a 3.7-mile stretch of two-lane highway on State Route 88 in Lauderdale County. This is the 13th Perpetual Pavement Award earned by TDOT.
  • Washington State Department of Transportation for a 4.42-mile section of four-lane divided highway on State Route 16 in Pierce and Kitsap counties. This is the fourth Perpetual Pavement Award earned by WSDOT.

“One of the keys to sustainability is long life,” said Amy Miller, P.E., national director of the Asphalt Pavement Alliance. “These Perpetual Pavement Award-winning roads demonstrate how asphalt roads can be engineered to last indefinitely with only routine maintenance and periodic surface renewal.”

Engineers at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University, evaluated the nominations and validated the results for the eight 2017 Perpetual Pavement Award winners.

Winning agencies are honored by their local state asphalt pavement association and are presented with an engraved crystal obelisk. The names of the winning agencies and projects are added to a plaque on permanent display at the NCAT Research Center at Auburn University. Since the Perpetual Pavement Award was first presented in 2001, 126 pavements in 30 U.S. states and one Canadian province have been honored with the award.


The Asphalt Pavement Alliance ( is a partnership of the Asphalt Institute (AI), National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and the State Asphalt Pavement Associations. The Asphalt Pavement Alliance’s mission is to establish asphalt as the preferred choice for quality, performance and the environment.

The Asphalt Institute ( is the international trade association of petroleum asphalt producers, manufacturers and affiliated businesses. AI promotes the use, benefits and quality performance of petroleum asphalt, through engineering, research, marketing and educational activities.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association ( represents the interests of U.S. asphalt producers/contractors before Congress, federal agencies, and other national trade and business organizations. NAPA supports an active research program designed to improve the quality of asphalt pavements and paving techniques used in the construction of roads, streets, highways, parking lots, airports, and environmental and recreational facilities.

The State Asphalt Pavement Associations ( represent the interests of asphalt pavement producers and paving companies at the state and local level across the United States.

For more information, contact:
Asphalt Pavement Alliance
Amy Miller, P.E., 904-591-3333,

Washington State Department of Transportation
Claudia Bingham Baker, 360-357-2789,

The Place to Be

The Place to Be

This short Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) video captures what the traveling public wants when enjoying the nation’s highways.  The road is the place to be!

When Americans head out on the road, what they care most about is enjoying a smooth, high-performance driving experience. With asphalt, drivers enjoy a superior level of drivability. To find out more, visit


2017 – 2019 State Transportation Budget

Report from Tom Gaetz – WAPA Senior Advisor – 5.12.2017

 Washington State – 2017-19 Transportation Budget 

This week, Washington State House and Senate leaders finally reached an agreement and passed the 2017-19 Transportation budget. I’ve provided links to the official docs below. In summary, the new budget:

  • Appropriates about $8.5 billion over the next two years.
  • Spends $4.2 billion in the various capital programs.
  • Shifts $60 million of additional TPA funds to help fill the $149 million cost overrun on the Alaska Way Viaduct Deep Bore Tunnel project.
  • Maintains the Connecting Washington package and only makes minor modifications by advancing some funding on five projects to earlier years.
  • Adds $162 million to existing fish passage barrier funding. The planned spending for these projects averages about $90 million per biennium through 2033, still far short of the $2.4 billion estimated total need.
  • Funds several studies, including:  Board of Pilotage, I-405 Toll Data, Air Cargo, Role of the WTC, and alignment of an Ultra High Speed Rail line between Vancouver BC and Portland OR.
  • The VW settlement language has a minor reference (Sec 702), but transportations leaders decided to move the bulk of the framework to the Capital Budget, which has not been adopted as of this writing.

Conference Committee Report and Striker
House/Senate Budget Comparison Reports
LEAP Transportation Document 2017-1: Highway Projects Partnership Acct Projects (dated 04/20/2017)
LEAP Transportation Document 2017-2: All Projects (dated 04/20/2017)

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Annual Meetings & Training (2017 & 2018) – Archived Presentations


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APWA General Special Provisions for Local Agencies – Ruth McIntyre, TranTech Engineering

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MSCR Binder Testing Review – Sean McLaughlin, Assistant Asphalt Engineer, WSDOT

Nuclear Test Gauges – Care, Maintenance & Accuracy in Backscatter/ Thinlift Modes – Sean McLaughlin

Best Practices for Longitudinal Joint Construction – Bob Humer, P.E., Regional Engineer, The Asphalt Institute

FHWA Increased Density Demonstration Project – Tim Aschenbrener, P.E., FHWA Senior Asphalt Pavement Engineer

Compaction Options – Oscillatory Rollers – Andy Kazanis, District Sale Manager, Wirtgen America

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