2020 WAPA Paving Award Winners Honored

2020 Paving Awards winners were celebrated at WAPA’s Annual Meeting on November 13th.  A wide range of “Best of the Best” awards were presented to Washington state’s premier asphalt paving companies alongside the private sector and public owners of the projects.

The public works paving awards were graciously presented by Scott Lindblom, the 2020 President of the Washington State Association of County Engineers (WSACE), Donald Huling, 2020 President of the American Public Works Association of Washington (APWA-WA) and Marshall Elizer, our state’s Assistant Deputy Secretary of Transportation.  Dan Glover of Tucci & Sons, WAPA’s 2020/2021 President, led the awards ceremony and presented the awards for Commercial, Innovative, Heavy/ Industrial and Intermodal paving.

This year’s Carl Minor Award (the highest rated public works paving project of the year) was awarded to WSDOT Contract 9349 – I-90 – SR 21 to Ritzville Vicinity PavingTom Brasch was WSDOT’s Project Engineer.  Central Washington Asphalt was the General Contractor and self-performed the paving, placing over 50,000 tons of top quality hot mix asphalt, including stone mastic asphalt (SMA), on the job.

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